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The humidity in your home contributes to your comfort levels as much as your air temperature. While agreeable humidity levels range from 45% to 55%, cooler climates drastically lower this to around 15%. Whether from the winter months or summer air conditioning systems, lower moisture levels affect your family and home. 

Are you considering a humidifier repair and installation in Reading, PA? Trust our professional HVAC and plumbing contractors at Service 360 Group to remedy your indoor moisture levels. 

Reasons to Consider Installing a Humidifier

When moisture levels drop 30 points or more below the comfortable percentage, the most common symptom includes skin irritations like cracked, dry, or peeling skin. Broken skin promotes bacteria, leading to pain, redness, and in some cases, bleeding. Dry air also leads to:

  • Runny noses or dry nasal passages that cause bleeding
  • Dry and scratchy eyes
  • Coughing, sneezing, and a dry mouth and throat
  • Chapped or bleeding lips

Around the home, you may also notice cracked or dry wooden furniture and flooring, chipping paint, and static electricity. A humidifier repair and installation in Reading, PA, lowers the risk of these symptoms. 

Professional Humidifier Installations

Protect your indoor air quality with a professional humidifier installation. After contacting a specialized team, technicians test your air quality to check humidity levels in each room. Humidity levels may not be uniform across your home.

If they note humidity levels under 45%, they’ll consider the appropriate humidifier to match your HVAC unit and increase moisture levels. They’ll then run the unit and check for air improvements. 

Repairs for Your Current Humidifier

A quality humidifier with proper annual maintenance lasts as long as your HVAC units. However, within those 10 to 15 years, repairs may become necessary. Some signs you need humidifier repairs include:

  • Low water levels that limit the amount of water the equipment releases into the air
  • A bent or broken float rod or low-floating float
  • High-pitched and other unusual sounds from a low-return airflow
  • Weird smells from the evaporator pad

Any of these concerns may cause your humidifier to deteriorate prematurely. With any humidifier repair and installation in Reading, PA, technicians check all humidifier parts. 

During humidifier repair services, professionals begin by unplugging the system. They remove and rinse the pad in the reservoir and clean the float, alongside tightening electrical connections and checking the humidistat. In the process, they’ll readjust, fix, or replace broken pieces. 

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Humidifiers are the difference between cold, sharp air and a soothing climate. That’s why Service 360 Group technicians recommend a humidifier repair and installation in Reading, PA. 

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