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If your Berks County, PA boiler goes out, contact Service 360 Group for top-notch repairs and installations. Come see why we are one of the top boiler contractors in the area, and trust us to do the work for you.

When you need a boiler replacement in Muhlenberg or Sinking Spring, the last thing you want to worry about is whether you can trust a company coming into your home to perform the installation work. You don’t want to have to worry about whether the boiler quote received is accurate or inflated or if it’s really necessary to replace your boiler.

At Service Group 360, we love all our Berks County, PA customers, whether they’re in Wyomissing or Alleghenyville, and we’re here to simplify the boiler system installation process for you.

When is it Time to Replace a Boiler?

On average, boilers last for around 15 years before needing a replacement, and that’s assuming the boiler was well-maintained. If you have a boiler on its last leg, it could be costing you money and even putting your family at risk. Here are some signs it’s time to retire your boiler for good and get your boiler replacement:

  • Your power bill has gone up.
  • Your house feels colder than usual.
  • Your boiler takes longer than usual to warm up.
  • Your boiler is making weird clunking or whirring noises.
  • Your boiler has a strange smell to it.
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How to Choose a Boiler

If you need to choose a new boiler, there are a few different options. Boiler installers, like the ones at Service 360 Group in Reading, PA, can help you make the right choice for your house. Factors like the type of heating your boiler uses to the size and venting you use will determine which size and type of boiler you should use.

Another important factor to consider is energy efficiency. Boilers with EnergyStar ratings meet EPA-set guidelines for energy efficiency, which means you’re saving money on energy costs each month as a result.

What Should I Expect During the Boiler Installation?

If you’ve chosen to hire a technician to install your boiler, the process is simpler than you’d probably inspect. You’ll likely have experts come to inspect your Boyertown or Elverson home, determine which size boiler you need, and identify the power source and location it will be installed.

When the boiler is being installed, the process normally takes less than a full day, but there are times when there is a lot of pipe refitting, and it takes a little longer. The technicians will remove the old system, install and refit the pipes onto the new boiler and get everything up and running for you while you sit back and relax.

Why Choose Service 360 Group for Your Boiler Installation?

Choosing a subpar contractor to save a quick buck is rarely a good idea. Yes, you’ll save money on installation, but you get what you pay for, and if the installation was done poorly, you’d pay for it with reduced efficiency or potentially even leakage or breakage down the line. Whether you’re in Temple, Douglassville or Mohnton, we can provide you with high-quality repairs and installations.

By choosing to work with Service 360 Group for your boiler installation services in Shillington and Blandon, you’re choosing to partner with a trusted local Berks County, PA, business.

We do more than justboiler maintenance and repair, too. We’re available all over Fleetwood, Kutztown, and Leesport for emergency heating repairs, furnace repairs, heat pump repairs, and furnace maintenance work to keep your Morgantown or Laureldale home warm and comfortable all winter long.

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