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Wiring and Rewiring Services
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Wiring and rewiring services in Berks County are important to residents. Your home’s electrical system doesn’t last forever. It’s important to keep an eye on the age of your wiring. Electrical issues can be a serious safety concern for your family. If you’re experiencing flickering lights or other strange occurrences with your wiring system it is best to get a licensed electrician to check it out as soon as possible.

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Home Wiring

Home wiring is the electrical system in your home. It’s important to have this checked periodically because it’s what powers the appliances and fixtures in your house. By checking your home wiring regularly, you can prevent serious problems from happening that could lead to electrical fires or other hazards.

The first step to checking your home’s wiring is to know what to look for. Tips to help identify a problem may include:

  • Strange smells coming from outlets
  • Sparks or arcing sounds when using certain outlets or switches
  • Lights flickering on and off unexpectedly
  • Older Homes


If you want electricians to rewire your electrical system, the emergency electrician at Service 360 Group can help. We offer many wiring services, including taking an existing electrical system and completely redesigning it to meet your needs. This includes installing new wiring and fixtures to upgrading circuits and outlet repair.

If you’ve got damaged wiring in your home or business, our team is trained and certified in wiring repair to prevent further problems.

Whether it’s installing new lights or replacing old outlets with newer ones, we have all the tools necessary for doing quality work quickly without any mess left behind afterward.

Landscape Wiring

Landscape wiring is a good option if you’re looking to add some ambiance to your outdoor living space. Whether you want to illuminate a path or add mood lighting to your backyard, you can use many lights for various applications. We offer landscape lighting services, including custom installations and repairs, in Berks County, PA.

Our experienced electricians can help you determine what type of lights will work best for your needs and design a solution that complements the overall design of your yard.

Lighting Maintenance

Lighting maintenance is necessary for homes, &  businesses in Berks County, Pennsylvania. The main focus of residential wiring services is to keep the lighting functional and operating optimally. If you need indoor lighting services or want to make changes, wiring and rewiring technicians can help.

We can perform a visual inspection and test the current wiring system to ensure it works. Our professionals can also handle wire repair services, electrical upgrades, whole home generators and remodeling projects.

Electrical Panel Replacement Technicians

Electrical panels are the heart of your electrical system, and replacing an old one with a new one is a major project. Panel repair requires an electrician to remove the old panel, install the new one and connect your wires so that they’re ready to go.

Lighting, Fan and Outlet Installation

Service 360 Group lighting specialists will install ceiling fans, wall fans and ceiling light fixtures to give your space an elegant feel. We provide indoor lighting systems with installing wall light fixtures so that you can brighten up any room with style and flair. If you need outlets installed throughout your home or office building (or both), we can cover those too.

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Whole Home Rewiring

If you want to rewire your entire home, whole home rewiring is what’s best. we can provide a cost to rewire your home or business.  We can replace your electrical panels and switches and add new outlets and lights where necessary.

You can use this type of service if:

  • You want to upgrade to new technology (such as LED lighting)
  • You want a more efficient system that will save energy costs over time.

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