HVAC Preventative Maintenance

HVAC Preventative Maintenance Plans
in Berks County, PA

There’s no question that regular maintenance improves and maintains an HVAC system’s performance. Residential HVAC maintenance plans give homeowners added value and convenience because they make heating and cooling worry-free parts of the home’s ordinary functioning.

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Benefits of an HVAC Maintenance Plan

Our homes use several systems as they keep us dry and warm. From winter heating to summer cooling, today’s HVAC systems provide atmospheric control for healthy living. This includes temperature and humidity control, and air quality control with specialized filters.

An HVAC system running at its peak performance means you’re getting the efficiency promised by the manufacturer. Newer HVAC systems operate at higher efficiency rates than older ones, making a new installation feasible.

New HVAC system installations require HVAC preventative maintenance plans as a part of their warranties. Be careful; skipping appointments could lead to a voided warranty. Moreover, most major brands require only certified experts to work on their HVAC systems.

The best benefit is the year-long worry-free operation, especially during the switchover from cooling to heating and back again. An HVAC maintenance plan generally includes two detailed inspections. The start depends on the season. And there are key differences you should be aware of.

We don’t need to tell you how cold it gets in Berks County, PA, especially in the north-central part of the state (Albany, Bethel, etc. ), where northern winds bring winter chills from Canada. An HVAC maintenance plan takes scheduling heating and cooling repairs out of your hands and puts them into the HVAC service company’s hands.

Notably, regular maintenance plans catch small repairs before they get bigger. Planned maintenance checkups before winter and summer in the fall and spring give homeowners the best defense against unrespected repairs.

Today’s HVAC systems have optional HEPA filters, which potentially filter particles as small as viruses out of your home’s air. Even systems without these filters clean the air and take out water vapor. People dehydrate much faster in humidity, making air conditioners a must on some days. Heated air can be too dry. HVAC systems even add humidity to your home’s air.

An HVAC preventative maintenance plan keeps your system running at factory specifications. These days the specs can be detailed, so never let someone who isn’t certified work on your system. Only certified experts know how to work on these systems. Follow the factory recommendations for a healthy, allergy-free home.

Modern science regularly improves HVAC system efficiency, so much so that new heating and cooling system installations can pay for themselves because of energy savings. Improving HVAC efficiency has been a focus of the federal government for decades. The results are cheaper utility bills.

With regular factory-supported maintenance, some systems can last 20 years or longer. Several factors influence the lifespan, including extreme weather and old home retrofits. Service 360 works with you to find your best HVAC system needs.

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