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Electrical Switch and Outlet Repair in Berks County, PA

The purpose of electrical outlets and switches is to protect you and your loved ones from the electric current flowing in your home. That said, you should ensure these fixtures are always in pristine condition. Do your outlets and switches show signs of physical or operational defects? Service 360 Group is the answer to this problem.

Service 360 Group provides electrical switch and outlet installation and repair services throughout Berks County, PA. Don’t wait. Call us or book online today to schedule service! Our electricians prioritize satisfaction, conducting electrical switch services with utmost professionalism. They also observe safety while performing repairs, installations, and replacements.

Signs To Look For An Electrical Switch and Outlet Services Provider

Electrical Switches and outlets are important items in your home’s electrical system. Outlets pass power from the electrical panel to your electrical appliances, while switches allow you to put on lights and devices whenever you want to use them. Due to frequent use, sockets, and switches may undergo wear and tear, so its time to call us to restore the normal functioning of your outlets and switches whenever you notice these warning signs:

  • Buzzing, crackling, or popping sounds coming from outlets and switches.
  • Warm or hot switch covers
  • You get electrocuted while switching on lights or plugging your electrical appliances into sockets.
  • Delay patterns between flicking the switch and when the lighting fixtures turn on.
  • Cracks on the faceplates.
  • Ungrounded outlets are usually outdated and have two holes for prongs rather than the currently recommended three holes.
  • Burning plastic smells.
  • Flickering lights.
  • Sparks come out of sockets when you plug in an appliance.
  • Loose holes on the outlets, making plugs easily fall out or fail to transmit power to your electrical appliances.
  • You can see the wiring inside outlets and switches hanging out of their wall pockets.
  • Tripping circuit breaker – may occur because of plugging in power-hungry appliances in 15-amp receptacles instead of 20-amp ones.

Hiring A Professional Electrician Is the Safest Option

Although some of the mentioned problems seem less serious than others, don’t handle electrical switch repairs and light switch repairs unless you’re a certified electrician. Dealing with electrical outlets and sockets means handling your home’s electrical wiring system. If you’re unskilled, there’s a possibility you’ll tamper with the wiring system, cause fire accidents, or even experience electrocutions.

Call Service 360 Group for assistance if you need electrical switch services in Berks County, PA. Our professionals have the necessary electrical tools and skills to handle the job, leaving your home a safer space than before. We have the capacity to serve homeowners throughout Berks County, including but not limited to

  • Wyomissing
  • Douglassville
  • Spring Township
  • Shillington
  • Exter
  • Morgantown
  • Muhlenberg
  • Sinking Spring
  • Boyertown
  • Temple
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Services We Offer

Our skilled technicians handle brand-new installation projects for lighting appliances, receptacles, and dimmer light switches installation.  You can call, chat, or book online to get a quote for the installation services you need. Also, we can offer advice about the best brands you should choose while shopping for electrical fixtures. Buying the best quality products prevents unexpected repairs and replacements after installation. Some services under this section are:
  • Electrical switch installation
  • Light switch installation
  • Electrical outlet installation
  • Dimmer/dimming light switch installation
  • replacing a light switch
  • replacing an electrical outlet
  • Electrical box
We can also help you with new indoor lighting installation. Furthermore, our experienced electricians conduct landscape lighting fixture installations. Work with us to fulfill your indoor and outdoor lighting aesthetics needs and wants!

Our team uses top-of-the-line troubleshooting plans to ensure they fix all your electrical issues before stepping out of your home. They examine and conduct restoration projects, including electrical switch repairs, electrical outlet repairs, and light switch repairs. They can also handle whole-home rewiring if the problems in your outlets and switches stem from the wiring system. Sometimes there might also be an issue with the electrical panel, and in this case, our electricians will recommend and offer panel repairs.

Unfortunately, some outlets in your home may get damaged beyond repair. The only solution would be a replacement. Upon calling us, our professional Electricians will discuss the best price for this service and conduct the necessary replacements.

You may have just moved into your newly-purchased house in Berks County, PA, but you don’t like the location of some outlets and switches on your walls. If you worry about how or who should move an electrical outlet, Service 360 Group has you covered. Our electrical technicians can handle moving, adding, or changing electrical outlets throughout the entire home.

Get Electrical Services From Us!

Service 360 Group has offered electrical services to homeowners in the Berks County region since 2004. Our technicians handle multiple electrical outlets and switch projects, including installation, repairs, and replacement. Do you need a receptacle or electrical outlet services today? Call us at (610) 370-9907, and one of our 24/7 emergency electricians will attend to your needs.