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Ductless Mini-Split Installation; What It Is, How It Works, And Its Benefits

Mini-splits are increasingly becoming popular in homes and offices due to their affordability and efficiency. Below is an overview of these units and some benefits you can expect.

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Technology has enabled people to elevate the comfort of their homes by providing optimal indoor temperatures. One such technology is the ductless mini-split, also referred to as a ductless heating and cooling system. Below, you can learn more about ductless mini-splits, how they work, and their benefits.

What is a Ductless Mini-Split?

A ductless mini-split has the same working principle as other HVAC systems with indoor air-handling units and outdoor condensers. Your new ductless mini-split unit is designed to offer indoor heating and cooling. The main difference between a ductless mini-split installation and a traditional HVAC system is the lack of ducts.

Unlike other models that rely on ducts and air vents, a ductless mini-split system installation is simple and is often used in a single zone. However, you can choose a multi-zone variant that relies on refrigerant lines connected to a single outside unit.

Single-zone mini-splits are often used in rooms not connected to a central AC unit, for example, a bedroom. On the other hand, a multi-zone variant is used to cool different parts of the house if you don’t have a central AC unit. Multi-zones are common in basements and apartment buildings.

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How Does A Mini Split Work?

Mini-splits are not your typical DIY projects; they need professional ductless mini-split installers to get them right. Having an expert install or handle your ductless mini-split replacement is key to its efficient functioning. This also applies during AC maintenance and other emergency HVAC repair services. Here is a break-down of how these systems work:
  • Hot air is sucked in- the handling unit, mounted on the walls, and takes in air from the room before transferring it to the condenser installed outside using the refrigerant lines.
  • Energy in the hot air is transferred to the coils- once the hot air reaches the condenser, which has coils containing a coolant, the energy is absorbed. This energy then converts the coolant liquid into gas.
  • Coolant gas is converted into liquid- the coolant gas is then channeled through the compressor section and converted into liquid.
  • Cool air is pumped out- the cooled liquid is passed through a handler before being ejected into the room. Your mini-split will repeat this process until the temperature drops.

Benefits of a Ductless Mini-Split Installation

Ductless mini-splits are popular for their energy efficiency, supported by a lack of a duct system. Conventional HVAC systems with ducts experience energy loss as air travels through the ductwork. The energy lost accounts for 30% of that produced to heat the home, raising your utility bills.

However, new mini-splits are Energy Star-certified, meaning they consume 60% less energy than their heating and cooling systems. Get your new ductless system quote from a reliable company, such as Service 360 Group in Berks County, PA, to help lower your bills.

Mini-splits are relatively easy to install and often don’t require special permission, unlike conventional HVAC systems. These units come with varied conduit lengths to suit your needs. For example, a manufacturer can provide a conduit that allows you to install the outdoor unit 50 meters from the indoor unit in a more concealed location. It’s also convenient when you have to carry out refrigerant leak repair services away from common areas of the house.

Despite the ease of installation, it’s advisable to have an expert from a ductless mini-split installation company such as Service 360 Group handle the job. This way, they can find the best location to install it, observe safety protocols, and minimize damage to your house.

Homeowners with a ductless mini-split installation enjoy better indoor air quality than those with central Air conditioning units. Systems with ductwork often trap pollen, dust, and other allergens that interfere with indoor air quality. On the other hand, mini-splits are fitted with multiple filters to eliminate dust and other pollutants; this way, you can provide better air quality in your home or office.

A ductless mini-split installation is ideal for buildings without a central heating and cooling system. Despite their simple design, these units require a trained professional to handle the installation. Working with an HVAC technician at Service 360 Group, offering ductless mini-split installation services is the best way to get it right.

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