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In Berks County, Pennsylvania, the winter months bring extremely cold temperatures that can last for several days at a time. The temperatures often drop below freezing, and the area experiences a significant amount of snow and sleet, making travel hazardous. To stay safe and comfortable, it is essential to have a reliable source of home heating during the cold winter months. Without a properly functioning home heating system, you and your family would be unable to survive the cold winter temperatures in Berks County.

Some of the oldest homes in Berks County don’t hold heat efficiently, making it a struggle to keep these older homes habitable during the winter months. With combined decades of experience, our experts know what it takes to keep furnaces and boilers running.

Furnace Repair that Matches Our Weather

From Douglassville to Alleghenyville and across Berks County, PA, hard-to-heat homes can be difficult on the pocketbook, especially if the heating system is ten years old or older. Home heating systems can last twenty years or longer if taken care of, which is why it pays to have heating repair experts on speed dial, just in case.

Heating systems can slowly break down over time, prompting many to follow preventative maintenance. With the right heating repair company, you won’t need to worry about your heating repair.

How long does a furnace last?

If you own an older house in Reading, Shillington, Blandon, Fleetwood, or other rural areas, the heating system could be at the end of its life. The furnace repair experts at Service 360 can tell you right away where your furnace is in its lifespan.

Modern furnaces typically last around 15 years, but with regular maintenance and proper care, they can last even longer. Older homes may have additional issues, such as insulation and ductwork, that are more prone to failure due to homemade retrofits. These retrofits can be more susceptible to wear and tear due to the lack of professional installation, resulting in a shorter lifespan for the furnace in these homes. Regular maintenance and inspection of the furnace is key to ensuring it lasts as long as possible.

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Signs I Need a New Furnace

If you’re wondering how to get ready for heat repair services in Berks County, you found the answers. Today’s heating systems must run continuously during the winter or risk things like burst pipes from frozen water.

A decrease in the amount of heat produced is the clearest indication that your furnace needs some attention. If you neglect to act quickly, you may find yourself needing to replace the entire system rather than just making a repair.

It is important not to overlook any issues that may be causing a low amount of heat to be emitted from the vent. Strange noises coming from your heater is another sign you might need a new furnace. Your heating system works in the background. If the noises from your heating system sound unfamiliar, it’s important to have it looked at by a professional.

The age of the heating system is a good indicator for understanding when it needs replacing. Older systems might break down unexpectedly, causing an emergency situation. Your emergency heating repair could mean you need a new furnace and cooling system or boiler installation.

Most Common Issues of a Furnace

Low or no heat coming from the vents means there’s a problem in the heating system. If the problem isn’t obvious, waiting until it worsens could cost thousands of dollars. Service 360 has emergency service heating experts ready to find the problem. Other common issues include:
  • Clogged filters (some modern heating systems had HEPA filters as well as the standard air intake filter
  • Blocked ductwork
  • Worn-out fan bearings
  • The furnace trips the circuit breaker
  • Faulty thermostat
Many other smaller issues can go wrong. Your local Service 360 heating repair contractors are experts in the HVAC industry.

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Service 360 is an exceptional furnace and boiler repair company located in Pennsylvania and Berks County. Our team of experts ensures your heating system is always in good condition. We invite you to contact us for any service calls you may need. Additionally, we are proud to provide some of the most dependable emergency response services in the area.