Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless Water Heater Installation and Repair in Berks County, PA

Tankless Hot Water Heaters are becoming very popular in Berks County, PA. Many homeowners are learning the benefits of having a tankless water heater installed in their homes. Tankless water heaters services use a heat pump or conventional electric elements to provide continuous hot water for showers, sinks and other appliances. This means there’s no need to wait for the traditional tank water heater to reheat before you can shower or wash dishes after dinner.

Tankless Water Heater Repair and Services

If you need to repair your tankless water heater, Service 360 Group can do that for you. If you need to replace it, we can do that too. We are also fully equipped to handle the installation and maintenance of all types of tankless systems. Our experienced tankless units technicians have been in the plumbing industry for decades.

If you need tankless water heater repair services especially on units 12 years or older, we can help with that. Whether there’s something wrong with the temperature settings, it is only producing cold water or it just stopped working altogether, don’t hesitate to call us today, so we can get out there right away.

Why Choose Tankless Water Heater

Tankless water heaters are a better choice for your home than traditional water heaters. Here’s why:

  • They’re more energy efficient. Tankless water heaters use less energy because they only heat the water you need at any given time, rather than keeping a tankful of hot water ready to go all day. This means you can save money on your utility bills while helping the environment by reducing your carbon footprint.
  • They last longer than traditional units, because there is no standing reservoir full of hot liquid like a traditional model.

Tankless Water Heater Installation

If you require a new water heater, our emergency plumber can install a new tankless or traditional water heater for you. Our tankless water heater contractors will come to your home to give you an estimate for your new water heating system. Depending on the model we can give you a cost that fits your needs and budget.

For Emergency Tankless Water Heater Repairs

Service 360 Group 24/7 emergency repairs can help. Our team of technicians will arrive at your home as soon as possible and assess the damage to provide you with options for repairs or tankless water heater replacements.

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Tanks vs Tankless Technology

Traditional gas-powered water heaters use an open flame to heat up. The more hot water you have running through your pipes, the more energy it needs to keep that water hot. With the traditional model, if you turn on all the shower heads and dishwashers in your house at once, it takes a lot of energy to keep all that water warm.

If you want a more energy-efficient method of heating hot water for your home, then you may want to consider installing a tankless system. Tankless Water heater costs do vary so give us a call to get your estimate!

Tankless Water Heater Maintenance

It’s important to consider tankless water heater maintenance. You may not know it, but these things are quite delicate. Each requires routine maintenance and drain cleaning to keep it running smoothly. This is especially true if you live where the temperature dips below freezing every winter. The most common issues with tankless water heaters are mineral deposits and sediment buildup on the heating element, which can cause the heater to malfunction or fail.

The most effective way to avoid a tankless water heater going out is by hiring a professional tankless water heater company to do routine maintenance on your unit.

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Q: How often should I have my tankless water heater serviced?

A: You should schedule an annual service check with your local, trusted plumbing professional. Most experts recommend that homeowners contact a trained specialist at least once a year for maintenance.

Q: How do I maintain my tankless water heater?

A: needs proper care and maintenance to continue providing hot water efficiently and safely for years. Maintaining your unit includes performing regular inspections and cleaning it thoroughly to remove any sediment buildup.


Installing a tankless water heater is a great choice. As the name suggests, these heaters have no tank. They can produce hot water on demand. The result is a huge reduction in standby losses and more efficient than traditional water heaters.