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Reliable Heating and Furnace Maintenance Services in Berks County, PA

Enjoy your home’s comfort in winter by scheduling comprehensive heating or furnace maintenance in Berks County, PA. Contact Service 360 Group’s certified technicians today and schedule your furnace maintenance.

Nothing is frustrating as coming home to find a malfunctioning or a broken heater during winter. Rather than sulking and looking for alternative methods to keep your home warm, why not give Service 360 Group a call?

At Service 360 Group, we understand the importance of furnace maintenance to keep your business or home warm and comfortable during cold months. That’s why we offer reliable furnace maintenance services in Berks County, PA. Our HVAC technicians are extensively trained, experienced, licensed, and insured to provide heating maintenance and tune-up services.

Furnace Maintenance

No matter the type of furnace you have, regular maintenance will keep it in top working condition. Furnace maintenance involves inspection and complete tune-up of your heating system. Regular maintenance prolongs your equipment’s lifespan and ensures it is running smoothly and safely. Also, furnace maintenance will help you save your hard-earned income by lowering utility bills. Furnace tune-up involves thoroughly inspecting the system’s key components, cleaning, adjusting, testing, and lubricating necessary parts. Furnace maintenance or furnace tune-up should be done at least once every year or before the cold months begin. However, if any of your family members have respiratory issues, it is recommended to get furnace maintenance two to three times every year to ensure your indoor air quality is in top condition. When you contact our technicians for a furnace tune-up, here is what to expect:
  • Inspection of the air intake grilles and vent system for any blockages
  • Checking and cleaning the blower.
  • Examining the blower motor and testing it
  • Inspection of electrical connections, tightening them, and replacing any damaged wiring
  • Examining burner and flame sensor
  • Checking air filter, cleaning or replacing it as required.
Furnaces that lack proper maintenance can develop problems like gas leaks. The best way to keep your home heating system in optimal condition is to hire experts at Service 360 Group. We also provide furnace installation and furnace repair services.

Gas Furnace Maintenance

Deposits from the combustion chamber can reduce the combustion efficiency of your gas furnace. Also, a damaged gas furnace can cause fume leakage, which leads to health risks due to compromised indoor air quality. If your gas furnace is not producing warm air, you smell rotten eggs when it is on, or you have noticed a reduced indoor air quality, it’s time for maintenance or repair. Our technicians will examine fuel lines, check and test gas pressure and the burner, inspect the thermocouple, and many more.
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Heating Maintenance

Services 360 Group provides installation, maintenance, and repair services for HVAC systems. We take pride in delivering reliable heating maintenance and heating tune-up services to Berks County, PA residents. Besides enjoying your home’s comfort in winter seasons, regular maintenance of your heating system will lower your utility bills, enjoy clean, breathable air, fewer emergency repairs, and a longer heating system lifespan.

Our heating tune-up services ensure we catch the slightest issues with your heating system and clean dust accumulation to ensure it works effectively and efficiently. During heating maintenance and heating tune-up, our contractors will:

  • Calibrate thermostat
  • Test airflow for carbon monoxide
  • Clean and test the exhaust system
  • Inspect and adjust the fan belt
  • Clean motor air vents
  • Inspect the furnace or boiler
  • Lubricate moving parts
  • Inspect heat exchangers for wear and cracks
  • Inspect electrical wiring

Our qualified HVAC technicians have the expertise to provide heater maintenance services for all brands of heating equipment. We also offer other heating services, including heat pump repair, boiler repair, emergency heating repair, and installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Duct Cleaning Necessary?

Yes! Duct cleaning is important as it improves furnace efficiency. Dirty air ducts will clog air filters and interfere with airflow, which causes your system to work harder to keep your home warm. Duct cleaning also improves indoor air quality.

How can I Ensure my Furnace works Efficiently?

You can ensure your furnace works at its best by replacing the air filter monthly and scheduling an annual furnace tune-up with certified and qualified technicians.

Is Furnace Maintenance Necessary if I am Not Experiencing Problems?

Furnace maintenance is a preventive service. It is done to prevent issues from occurring. A furnace turn-up will help catch minor problems before they become unmanageable or need expensive repairs.

Tips on Maintaining Your Furnace

  • Clean your furnace regularly
  • Change the air filter regularly
  • Lubricate the moving parts as needed
  • Check the vents for debris and clean them
  • Shut down your furnace at the end of winter
  • Schedule for regular maintenance

If you are looking for heating maintenance, repair, and installation services in Berks County, PA, contact Service 360 Group today, and let’s protect your investment and save you money.