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Today’s generators are more efficient than in days past. Recent advances in battery power made owning a home emergency backup generator as simple as going to the local hardware store. With most homes installing solar panels for energy collection, many can survive without a municipal electrical connection because of lithium-ion batteries.

What happens when there’s no sun for the solar panels to charge the batteries? In an emergency, you need power now, not when the trucks reach your neighborhood. In an emergency, it’s good to know that your local generator service contractors have your back. Service 360 Group has an emergency electrician ready to get your home generator up and running.

Emergency Generator Services

Storms can blow through the area quickly, leaving downed power lines and power outages all over the County. Local generator services in Berks County, including Fleetwood, Morgantown, Muhlenberg, Sinking Spring, Boyertown, are a Service 360 Group specialty. We pride ourselves in knowing we help keep our neighbor’s lights on and that electricity working.

It’s not recommended that you touch any wires. They could be hot with an electrical current. We also don’t want you fixing any wire junctions or attempting a panel repair unless you have knowledge as an electrician. For reliable and speedy electrical services, including emergency generator repair, give us a call, or book your appointment online

Residential Generator Services

Modern generators are an affordable option for today’s homeowners, so more and more people are completing a whole-house generator installation. When you combine a generator with a modern lithium-ion battery bank, you’ll run the generator less with little downtime for generator repair.

The electrical experts at Service 360 Group provide residential generator repair and replacements for residents of Berks County, PA. The cities we serve are Wyomissing, Douglassville, Exter, Spring Township, Reading, Shillington, Temple, Muhlenberg, Fleetwood to name just a handful.

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Whole-Home Generator Installation

Residential power is so reliable that many take it for granted as always available. But when we have no power, everything stops. In many cases, our lives get frozen in time without electricity. With Service 360 Group’s generator installation, whole home generator maintenance and repair is as close as a phone call. Day or night, you’ll need a reliable generator if your power goes off. Modern generators handle more load than ever. Don’t let that frozen spoil just because you don’t have a generator.

Residential Generator Installation For New Builds

Newer homes have the advantage of whole-home rewiring that doesn’t need to destroy the walls just to run extra electrical lines from a generator. Modern wiring can be strategically bent and twisted for most retrofits and new builds. With added solar panels and a built-in whole-home generator, your family will be ready for any dark emergency.

Service 360 Group provides residential generator repair and other electrical services to residents of Berks County, PA. Services include small jobs like outlet repair and larger jobs such as targeted indoor lighting to brighten any room. We have trained and licensed electricians on hand to handle any generator job big or small.

We offer generator replacement services, standby generators services,  installing a standby generator, or whole-home generator repair for for those residents in Berks County who need generator options.

Benefits of a Whole Home Generator  Include:

  • Inspection: Regular inspection of the generator system, including the engine, fuel system, exhaust system, electrical system, and control panel, can help identify potential problems before they become major issues.
  • Load testing: Load testing involves testing the generator under load to ensure that it can handle the expected power requirements.
  • Fuel system maintenance: Should be regularly inspected and maintained to ensure that the generator has an adequate supply of clean fuel.
  • Electrical system maintenance: Should be inspected and maintained to ensure that the generator can start and operate properly.
  • Lubrication and fluid changes: The engine oil, coolant, and other fluids should be regularly checked and changed.
  • Repairs and replacements: If any components of the generator system are found to be faulty, they should be repaired or replaced.

Emergency Power

Service 360 Group is the premier generator service provider in Berks County, PA. We pride ourselves on providing emergency generator services that make a difference in people’s lives. Some residents need continuous power for medical equipment. Our emergency generator installation minimizes downtime to keep your loved ones safe.

Reliable Generator Services You Can Depend On

Service 360 Group is the best emergency generator installer in the county. To do that, we rely on customer service tailored to your generator needs. Call, Chat or book online to get your generator service scheduled.  We can’t control the weather,but you can be prepared for it!