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Many believe ideal air temperature and quality start and end with optimal heating and cooling units. After all, if something jeopardizes your indoor climate, you need unit repairs to solve them, right? While calling an HVAC technician may be appropriate, it shouldn’t be surprising if they uncover problems elsewhere. 

Ductwork seems like nothing more than air passageways. However, if in bad condition, you’ll need commercial HVAC service contractors to ensure your air flows where it needs to be. Service 360 Group conducts inspections and ductwork repair in Reading, PA, for guaranteed comfort. 

Rusted Ductwork

While years of wear cause the appearance to fade, high, excessive moisture levels rust the material. Corrosion separates the sheets and promotes cracks and holes for inadequate efficiency. 

Some ways water gets into your ducts include the following:

  • Cool air-conditioned air travels through the passageways, causing condensation on the outer air duct walls. 
  • The humidity from warm furnace air causes your ducts to sweat. 
  • Leaks from internal pipes and wall or ceiling holes around your ducts bring water into the system.

Our team uses wired brushes alongside rust remover or steel wool to scrape the particles from your ducts. However, if the rust is extreme, a ductwork repair in Reading, PA, may include replacing contaminated steel sheets.

Ductwork Leaks

Rust is just one reason your air ducts begin to deteriorate. However, anything from high-pressured air to crawlspace creatures burrowing into your warm ducts causes concerns, including:

  • Split seams
  • Detached sheets
  • Cracks
  • Holes

Duct leakage lets air seep into your home’s walls and ceiling and limits the controlled temperatures that make it to your rooms, inevitably lowering indoor air quality. An air duct repair comprises using a fog machine or smoke pencil to find the leaks and mastic or foiled-back tape to cover holes and seams. 

Poor or Missing Insulation

Sometimes, rodents also get into the insulation, tearing it up, but most insulation concerns start with the system installation. Amateur contractors may use improper materials like insulation with low R-values of under five or lack the experience to seal the vents properly before adding the insulation. Especially in uninsulated spaces like attics, basements, and crawl spaces, quality air seeps out of your home. 

A ductwork repair in Reading, PA, remedies indoor temperatures and lowers utility bills. Have a professional tear out old insulation and wrap the vents with the proper insulation. 

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Unfortunately, these are just a few ways your ductwork becomes faulty, and these occurrences arise at any time. Therefore, trust our 24/7 HVAC services, which include all sorts of AC and furnace repair services in Reading, PA

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