UV Air Purifier Installation

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Breathing pure, filtered air at home is essential to your and your family’s health. Installing a UV air purifier prevents you from breathing in pollutants from the outside. It also keeps dust, fungus, etc., from circulating inside your home. 

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What Is a UV Air Purifier?

A UV air purifier is a device that helps control your indoor air quality. Our technicians will place it directly in the ductwork of your existing HVAC, heating, or cooling unit.

The purifier uses UV-C light to destroy pathogens that naturally circulate in your indoor air. As the air circulates through your ductwork, the UV air purifier emits a low level of radiation that is 100% safe for humans and pets but deadly for biological pollutants. This radiation will obliterate common allergens such as mold growth as well as viruses and bacteria.

Why You Should Invest in a UV Air Purifier

Few devices improve your home’s air quality better than a UV air purifier. Consider a UV air purifier installation in Reading, PA for the following reasons:

  • Elimination of foul odors: Foul odors often originate from the presence of bacteria or pet dander in your home’s air supply. UV air purifiers will eliminate these substances as indoor air cycles through your HVAC system. 
  • Reduced risk of viruses and mold: UV air purifiers eliminate 80% of airborne pathogens when in use. Installing a purifier will significantly reduce the likelihood that you will get sick.
  • Decreased cleaning time and home maintenance: UV air purifiers also decrease the amount of dust that floats in your indoor air. Reduced dust and grime means you will have to clean less. You also don’t have to change the air filter on a UV air handler. 

Why Choose Service 360 Group for UV Air Purifier Installation

At Service 360 Group, we prioritize the following values:

  • Integrity: We will never hide prices from you or try to trick you into spending more than you should. 
  • Loyalty: We prioritize our customers and their needs.
  • Exceeding Expectations: We go above and beyond to provide high-quality services as quickly as possible.

Professional UV Air Purifier Installation in Reading, PA

For preventive maintenance services and UV air purifier installation in Reading, PA, contact Service 360 Group. We provide routine and 24/7 emergency services for all your heating, cooling, and plumbing needs. We also offer yearly maintenance plans at a discount to our loyal customers.

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