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HVAC, Plumbing, & Electrical Services in Exeter, PA

Service 360 Group is a home services company offering a wide range of HVAC, electrical and plumbing services to residential and commercial customers in the area. Safety is top priority to us and our technicians are well-trained to ensure the service is properly carried out.

You can trust and rely on us for we strive to provide exceptional service. If you need help with your HVAC systems or perhaps need advice on which indoor lighting to install, our team can help.

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AC Services in Exeter, PA

The last thing a homeowner wants in the middle of summer is an AC that doesn’t work. It can be uncomfortable — especially if you work from home — when the AC can’t properly cool your space. If you need AC services including AC tune-ups or AC repair, call chat or book online today.

As reliable AC contractors in the area, rest assured that we can handle any AC issue from refrigerant leaks to noisy air conditioners. Our technicians are experienced with all types of ACs and can work with almost all model types.

Whether you need help with your central air conditioning unit or split-type AC, we can assist. If you need help with AC installation, our technicians can determine which AC size to purchase to help you save money. We can professionally install them, ensuring they work efficiently.

At Service 360 Group, one of our top priorities is to maximize the service life of your unit, which is why we also offer AC maintenance services. You can keep the efficiency of your air conditioner as long as you strictly adhere to your regular maintenance schedule.

Call us today so we can plan how to make your cooling system more efficient.

Heating Services in Exeter, PA

No homeowner wants freezing temperatures in their homes. If you own a business, a malfunctioning furnace can make your employees (and clients) uncomfortable. Do you need heating services in Exeter, PA? You’ve come to the right place.

Service 360 Group is one of the most trusted heating contractors in the area. We’re an HVAC contractor that provides complete services from heating repair, installation and maintenance. When your furnace is acting up, you can trust that our technicians can inspect the unit, give you a diagnosis and provide the most cost-effective solutions.

For businesses that need commercial heating installation, our team can assist with creating the most efficient heating system for your office. We can also schedule regular heating maintenance to keep your units in excellent condition. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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Plumbing Services in Exeter, PA

Service 360 Group offers plumbing services which include emergency plumbing repairs, professional drain cleaning and plumbing installation. If you see signs of hidden leaks such as high water bills, mold in the basement or damaged ceilings, talk to our plumber ASAP. We’ll inspect your plumbing system to help us find the leak. Our team can also help install a leak detection system so that you are alerted when the device suspects a leak.

If you need a plumbing fixture repaired, trust that we can resolve this on the same day. We work fast without sacrificing the quality of our work. Get in touch if you need plumbing repair or any plumbing work and we’ll be there the soonest possible time to permanently fix the problem.

Electrical Services in Exeter, PA

A skilled electrical contractor can efficiently install, repair and maintain electrical systems.  Service 360 Group is a trusted contractor and has been helping residential and commercial clients in Exeter and surrounding areas, since 2004.

Our electricians are certified and experienced, giving you peace of mind. We offer all types of electrical repair, wiring services and electrical installation. Call us if you need help with indoor or outdoor lighting installation and we’ll send an electrician to your home right away.

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Generator Services in Exeter, PA

Installing whole home generators ensures you’ll have power during an outage. It’ll keep your appliances running during extreme weather conditions, keeping you comfortable and safe.

Call Service 360 Group if you need residential generator services including generator repair and generator installation. We also provide emergency generator services in Exeter and surrounding areas such as Morgantown and Fleetwood. Book online and we’ll schedule an appointment ASAP.

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We’re serious about providing exceptional HVAC, plumbing and electrical services. Our positive testimonials are proof that we’re consistent with providing unmatched services.

We're so grateful to Service 360 Group. Without them, we would have experienced longer downtimes that would cost us more money and affect our bottomline. If you need electrical services, call Service Group 360 today. They will NEVER let you down.
Happy Customer
We never call other contractors when it comes to our heating and cooling systems. Service 360 Group has been helping us with HVAC installations and repairs. You can always depend on them. Also, all of their technicians are professional and always on time. They were never late and they managed to always resolve the issue on time.
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Your HVAC should keep your indoor temperatures comfortable in the most efficient way possible. To this end, ENERGY STAR® recommends that the ideal thermostat settings should range between 70 and 78 degrees Fahrenheit. To minimize your cooling or heating cost, you need to turn your thermostat up or down by about 8 degrees while you are away.

If you pick the wrong size of an HVAC system for your house, it will experience short cycling and consequently wear out more rapidly. The ideal HVAC system size for your home depends on the size of your house. The rule of thumb is 1 ton of HVAC capacity for every 400 to 600 square feet.

To make your HVAC system operate more efficiently and last longer, you need to:

  • Change the filter on time
  • Seek annual HVAC system tune-up service
  • Improve your home’s insulation
  • Set your thermostat at an appropriate level
  • Invest in a smart thermostat
  • Use Energy HVAC equipment certified by ENERGY STAR

Plumbing FAQs:

Your home’s water piping can produce rattling sounds due to issues like loose pipes, blockage and sludge buildup, water hammer, high water pressure, worn-out ballcock assembly, and a worn stop valve. If your plumbing system is producing unusual noises, you need a professional plumber to pinpoint the course of the problem and ensure it’s fixed before it can get out of hand.

The smell of rotten eggs in your hot water usually occurs as a result of a chemical reaction in the water heater. When sulfates (naturally occurring ions in water sources) come into contact with stainless steel, a reaction occurs leading to the production of hydrogen sulfide in your water tank. Hydrogen sulfide is also produced by bacterial activities in your water heater. This gas smells like rotten eggs, and it might eventually find its way into your living areas.

Factors that contribute to pipe corrosion include hard water, oxidation, pH imbalance, and the use of inappropriate drain cleaning solutions.

Electrical FAQs:

Yes. Outdoor outlets must have water-tight covers to ensure they can safely be used even when it’s wet outside. Besides, these outlets must be GFCI outlets to protect users from electrical shocks and electrocution.

GFCI stands for Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters. These devices are installed into electrical systems or even built into power cords to protect people from severe electrical shocks and electrocution. You may need them for your bathrooms, garage, crawl spaces, basement, laundry room, and outdoor wiring.

Yes. You can live in your house during rewiring. However, considering the risks associated with the job, there is a need for collaboration between you as the homeowner and your electrician to ensure that the necessary safety precautions are observed. No hazards should go unacknowledged since they might arise from every aspect of the rewiring work itself.