Light Fixture Installation

Bring out your home’s natural glow by allowing us to determine and incorporate optimal lighting fixtures for you!

Despite how breathtaking your interior or exterior design is, subpar lighting won’t do it justice, casting unflattering shadows and dulling its beauty. Unfortunately, even with a new and proper installation, your fixtures can continue to provide a lackluster appearance if you choose incorrect lights. 

For an aesthetically pleasing light fixture installation in Reading, PA, that produces the perfect glow, contact Service 360 Group. Ranked #2 among the top 50 businesses in Berks County, trust us to come fully equipped. Our electrical contractors in Reading, PA, are available 24/7. 

Recessed Lighting

Versatile recessed lighting has a minimalistic look that doesn’t alter your home layout. With the bulbs hidden within the drywall, light rays seem to come from the ceiling itself for elegance. It’s also a space-saver with low-hanging ceilings or small living areas.

Each ceiling or wall recessed light has accompanying trim that covers its circumference, usually in a square or circular shape. Make them as dazzling or simplistic as you desire to draw or avert attention.  

Track Lighting

Unlike a recessed light fixture installation in Reading, PA, track lighting includes bulkier bulbs that closely resemble lamp heads. They hang from flexible heads that allow you to maneuver the light to where you need it. Multiple heads dangle from a long track on the ceiling surface, placing the entire fixture in sight. 

However, with customizable colors, shapes, and sizes, many prefer these high-profile lighting fixtures that add to the decor. Residents also appreciate the bulbs bringing a spotlight over areas, creating a focal point above the following:

  • An island in your kitchen’s center
  • Outdoor tables or dining areas
  • Artwork, sculptures, or other displays 

Other Lighting Fixture Services

If neither of these matches the look you’re going for, consider the following instead:

  • Pendant lights, also known as suspender or drop lights, hang from the ceiling in a less industrial way than track lights. A metal rod, cord, or chain brings the bulb down to your desired length.
  • Ceiling lights emerge from one or more ceiling sections to illuminate the room.
  • Specialty lighting includes anything outside the norm, including LED board, micro, or tape lights. 

The Installation Process

Before working with your electric wires, a professional will turn off the power from your electric box panel. They’ll uninstall your current fixtures and disconnect the wires, followed by the old mounting bracket. Then, after placing a fresh bracket to fit your new fixture into, they’ll connect the black, bare, and white neutral wires, respectively, with wire connectors before screwing in the light fixture. 

Afterward, they’ll flip on the breaker to test the light. The process takes two hours but may take longer if frayed or damaged wires need replacing. 

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