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Homeowners depend on their water heaters and furnaces to keep their homes comfortable during winter. If your heating system is not in working order, it can fail unexpectedly. Prevent heating emergencies and expensive repairs by having a qualified technician perform regular heating maintenance.

Heater Maintenance

Make sure your water heater doesn’t give out on a cold winter morning. Water heaters often last 10 or 15 years. However, over time they can develop problems such as:

  • Sediment on your water tank
  • Rust and corrosion
  • Leaking or broken valves


Damage to your water heater can lead to higher water bills, reduced water pressure, loss of hot water. You may also wait a long time for water to heat up. If left unchecked, a failing water heater can cause water damage, the release of toxic fumes, or explosions.

A professional heating technician will remove sediment and mineral buildup from your water tank. As a result, the heating element can heat your water more effectively.

The technician will also identify cracks, leaks, and signs of damage in your unit. They will fix those issues before they become safety hazards or reduce your heater’s functionality.

Other heaters, including space heaters, heat pumps, and radiators, need maintenance from time to time. When you schedule maintenance for your heating system, ask your technician to inspect those systems as well.

Gas Furnace Maintenance

A properly maintained gas furnace is a safe and effective way to heat a home. Over time, deposits in the combustion chamber, obstructed airflow, or fuel intake problems can reduce combustion efficiency.

A damaged gas furnace can also cause health risks. For example, if the heat exchanger cracks, fumes can mix with the air in your home. As a result, you’ll notice reduced indoor air quality.

Heater Preventative Maintenance

Don’t let wear and tear impact your furnace, heater, or HVAC. Keep your system in good working order by repairing parts before they wear out. As a result, you’ll eliminate the risk factors that shorten your furnace’s lifespan.


An experienced heating maintenance technician will offer you tips on optimizing your heating system. These tips may include:


  • Winterizing your furnace
  • Setting the thermostat at a level that optimizes energy efficiency
  • Noticing signs of furnace damage
  • Advice on changing your furnace filter and keeping your furnace clean

Finding a Contractor for Heating Maintenance Near Me

Reading, PA, like many cities, has many contractors offering maintenance services for heating and air conditioning. Service 360 Group outshines the local competition with prompt, professional maintenance services by experienced technicians.

If you’re looking for top-quality maintenance in your area, keep the following questions in mind:

  • Is the contractor licensed and insured?
  • Do they have a high rating with the Better Business Bureau?
  • Are they well-established in your area?
  • Do they have positive reviews and few complaints on sites such as Yelp?


Our customers in Reading, PA, and neighboring communities often ask about heating maintenance. We hope these FAQs help you get the most out of your furnace.

Listen to your furnace when it is operating. If you hear clanking from your furnace or gurgling from your water heater, your furnace may have damage.


Check the pilot light to see if the color is a healthy blue. If the pilot light burns orange, your pilot light might not have sufficient airflow.


If you smell odors coming from the vents in your heating system, call a heating technician as soon as possible. You should also contact a technician if your carbon monoxide detector goes off. Some furnace fumes can be deadly.

Your heater or furnace will typically need maintenance every year, ideally during the fall. Maintenance during this time of year helps prepare your unit for greater demand during the winter months.

You should consider getting a new furnace if:


  • Your furnace is more than 15 years old
  • Your furnace struggles to keep your home at a reasonable temperature
  • You have had to repair your furnace or heater repeatedly
  • Your heating bills are going up consistently


Even if your furnace is still functioning, replacing your furnace could increase your energy efficiency. You can also take advantage of modern smart-home technology with a new furnace.

Heating Maintenance with Service 360 Group

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