Electrical Switch Repair and Installation

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When people do home renovations, they often overlook their light switches and electrical outlets. These components of your house’s electrical system play a vital role in your everyday life and need proper care and maintenance to function reliably. Service 360 Group offers speedy, efficient outlet and electrical switch repair and installation in Reading, PA.

Our team of licensed electricians has years of training and experience, enabling them to assist our clients with any electrical switch or outlet issues. We also offer a full range of electrical switch installation options for home and business owners. For the most dependable commercial and residential electrical service in Reading, PA, call Service 360 Group today.

Electrical Switch and Outlet Services in Reading, PA

Your home requires outlets and switches for powering and controlling the appliances, gadgets, lights, electronics, and tools you use every day. If you have unreliable or faulty switches and outlets, they can short out or send a harmful energy surge to your expensive electronics and appliances. If these components become old and don’t work as efficiently as they used to, they can cause your monthly energy bill to increase.

Do I Need To Replace My Outlets and Light Switches?

Your switches and outlets won’t last forever. Always play it safe and replace things before they malfunction to prevent them from triggering more extensive and expensive problems. Below we list the signs to look out for that signify you need a new light switch or outlet.

  • You receive a small electric shock whenever you touch a particular switch or outlet.
  • When you flip your light switch, the light doesn’t immediately come on.
  • Your home has two-prong outlets instead of the modern three-prong outlets that offer more protection against power surges. 
  • Your home has old wiring that can’t support modern appliances and electronics.
  • Your switches or outlets have come loose, decreasing energy efficiency and increasing the risk of an electrical fire.
  • You have an outlet that always feels warm or emits a burning smell. If you experience this issue, shut the circuit breaker off and call an electrical professional immediately.
  • You want to update your outlets to support USB cables.

Dimmer Switches

If you want to control the amount of light coming from your light fixtures, the experts at Service 360 Group can install dimmer switches to the corresponding lights, enabling you to have as much or as little light in a room as you please. Dimmer switches make a great option for setting a mood or creating an ambiance anytime you want. Because they allow you to decrease the amount of light the fixtures put out, they also help you save money on your energy bill.

Professional Electrical Services Equal Assurance and Safety

These days, more and more people attempt DIY home improvement projects thanks to all the step-by-step instructional videos available on the internet. If you plan to start a home renovation or remodeling project or build an addition, you probably think the more things you can do on your own, the more money you’ll save.

However, when it comes to electrical work, having a skilled professional with training to do the job ensures that your new electrical components work correctly and safely and meet all current city or county codes.

You should never attempt to work with electrical wiring without the training to handle it safely. Improper handling and installation of electrical wires can result in electric shock or fire. Service 360 Group does all electrical work with precision and care, so you can rest assured that you and your family will be safe when the job is over. 

No other home service company does meticulous electrical switch repair and installation in Reading, PA, like Service 360 Group.


Homeowners can spend between $60 and $300 to replace a light switch. The average cost for a single installation is approximately $150. If the electrician doing the replacement finds outdated or hazardous wiring, they will have to replace it, and the job will become more complicated and costly.

The average cost to replace an outlet ranges from $100 to $500. Again, these prices vary based on the wiring in your home.

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