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Pennsylvania’s climate varies depending on where you live in this geographically diverse state. In Reading, humid summers can exceed 85 degrees Fahrenheit. That is why Service 360 Group is your go-to company for AC needs repairs and replacements.

However, you may not know whether it is time for a new system. Many online FAQs regarding AC installation try to answer questions but use too much technical language. We hope to answer some of your more prominent questions in less complex terms.

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When Is It Time for an Air Conditioning Replacement?

When Is It Time for an Air Conditioning Replacement?

HVAC systems tend to exhibit a few signs that they are breaking down. Keep a lookout for:

  • System age
  • High repair costs
  • Increasing energy bills
  • Unusual noises or bad smells
  • Airflow Issues


While your HVAC system may only need a minor repair, call soon if you notice the following changes.

System Age

Many systems become considerably less efficient 15 years after initial installation. No matter how well you care for your system, it will eventually break down. If your system is approaching the 15-year mark, it may be time for a new one.

High Repair Costs

If you constantly pay for HVAC repairs, you may save money by purchasing a newer system. The older the system, the more expensive its parts are. Also, it is more challenging to find the components for an outdated system.

Increasing Energy Bills

Older or faulty systems work harder to do the same job as a new system. Older systems use more energy by working harder. If your energy bill consistently increases, you may want to check for a system issue.

Unusual Noises or Bad Smells

Strange sounds from your HVAC system could mean a loose component. Bad smells could be a sign of leakage or mold buildup. Call an HVAC technician if these issues persist after replacing the parts anyone can touch, like the air filter. In many cases, you need a state certification to handle the deeper parts of an HVAC system.

Airflow Issues

Your system may be turning on more frequently as time goes on. For example, when the temperature changes constantly and the AC turns back on to regulate it. More electricity processes through the system with each start, raising your energy bill.

Also, keep a note if your cooling system starts blowing warm air. It should fix itself within three minutes. If the warm air persists, it could be an issue with the refrigerant, a hazardous substance that requires specialized handling.

What To Consider When Searching for an HVAC System

Not every HVAC unit is suitable for every home. One temperature regulator may work better than another, or you may have a personal system preference. An air conditioning installation company should be able to help determine which system works best depending on several factors, including:

  • The size of your home or building
  • Your local climate
  • Your budget
  • Building insulation
  • Window count
  • Number of people in the building


You may want to try a DIY solution for your HVAC needs. However, without the proper licensing and experience, you will break your system warranty. In the event of an injury, you are responsible. Instead, leave the installation and calculations to an established professional while you relax.

AC Installation Options

Many Pennsylvanians seek a variety of options because of the varying climate. Each HVAC system works differently to provide heating, cooling, or both. A few of these systems are listed below.

Split Air Conditioner Types

A split HVAC system separates the heating from the cooling between two different machines. One component stays inside while the other is outside. This extensive setup spreads the ducts throughout the building. These ducts connect to the vents to push the cold or warm air to the necessary rooms. Such systems are most popular for general use.

Heat Pump Types

Heat pump systems handle heating and cooling in one machine that changes its function depending on the season. During summer, it absorbs the heat from the air inside and sends it outside. During winter, it sucks heat from outside into the building. Heat pumps tend to use less electricity.

Fan Coil Types

Fan coils are indoor systems. They filter air through fans over hot or cool coils. This process changes the temperature of the air it sends back out to circulate through the rooms. Some fan coil systems help control humidity very well but work best alongside a heftier system.

Ductless Types

Ductless HVAC units usually attach to a single wall or window of a room. You can also buy them in stores and plug them into an outlet yourself. If you have stayed in a hotel and changed the room temperature using a machine on the wall, you have used a ductless system. Many single rooms or smaller spaces, like apartments, use these.

The costs vary depending on the needs of the space and the extent of its construction. You don’t have to break the bank for the system you need. If you’re concerned about how you’ll pay for it, we not only calculate that for you, but we also offer different financing options.

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